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The "Smart Cities and Communities Initiative" supports cities and regions in taking ambitious measures to progress by 2020 towards a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable use and production of energy.

ADYA has developed Hybrid Communication which caters to the vision of the Smart City. It works across all the services of the Smart City like Smart Metering, Gas, Water and Citizen Services. This reduces enormous infrastructure investments on the Cities to build multiple infrastructures for various services.

Adya offers complete end-to-end communication products, solution and consulting.

Adya has the following USP:

Hybrid Communication combination of Mesh plus Cellular
Highly modular and Scalable
Cost effective
Supports multiple communication channels

Adya’s SmartHub (SH1000) data concentrator is built on Hybrid Communication and forms a very critical component in the Smart Metering solution. SmartHub handles the WAN, LAN and  HAN connectivity to meters. It’s an IP device and it gives the Utility the option of choosing the communications channel. The device helps in routing the data from the Energy Meter to the utility command center.

Using the features of Self-healing and discovery, the hub enables connecting Energy Meters with one another. It has the ability to handle a large number of meters on the mesh network and bridges the communication between the Mesh network and the MDM. The communication can handle both wired and non-wired technologies. The multiple outputs of the SmartHub enable connecting various outputs. This can be used for both the AMR and AMI infrastructure.

The SmartHub enables various uses such as managing the Billing, Demand Management, Outage Management, Network Analysis etc

Features and benefits

DLMS compliant
Processor based DCU
Built on Linux environment
Handle heterogeneous meters
Supports Multiple Applications for water, gas, citizen services etc
Multiple Outputs like RSR232, USB, RS485, MODBUS, RJ45
Logging off: Meter data, outages, various other parameters
Easily deployable
SmartHub supports various communication channels

One of the major challenges has been the reliability, scalability and the cost-effectiveness of the communication networks to the demands of the Smart Metering rollouts.

SHP800, RTU, ingeniously designed by ADYA addresses the core issues relating to communication. The RTU is RF based modem and which is connected to energy meter. Each RTU acts as transmitting device and connects to the neighboring Energy Meter fitted with RTU and forms a Mesh Network. The mesh can be in a group of 50 to 5000 meters based on the topology and the frequency of the parameters to be gathered. It transmits the data seamlessly and without any data loss to the SmartHub.

The RTU transforms and Energy Meter into Smart Energy Meter by its ability for Bi-directional data flow. This is the bridge between the Energy Meter and the Data Concentrator Unit (DCU). The RTU helps in capturing the data for Billing, Outage Management, Power Quality Factor, Instantaneous Parameters, Theft, Alerts.

RTU can also be plugged onto old meters to provide the retrofit solution.

Features + Benefits

Robust, scalable and secure architecture
Enables Remote Connect, Disconnect
Billing Data every 15/30/60 minutes
Real-time power outages and communication failures
Data Integrity of 99.5%
Field Replaceable Nodes (FRN)
Battery enables the outages management

Designed for both residential and C&I applications, Adya’s cellular metering solution is enabled by an advanced module for data collection and network communications using existing cellular data networks. The cellular module works in conjunction with an advanced electric meter to become an intelligent client to Adya’s Smart Utility Manager (SUM) or other head-end systems.

The DLMS-compliant cellular module supports all standard metering functions and acts as the database for the integrated device by storing metering data in DLMS tables, executing scheduled tasks, and monitoring for power outages or other alarm conditions.

Features + Benefits

Adya’s cellular module is available for integration with both residential and C&I meters and features a host of key monitoring and communication functionalities, including:

Remote Connect and Disconnect
Real-Time Interval Reads
Real-Time Power Outage and Restoration Alarms
Demand and Load Profile Recording
Event Logging
Low-Voltage Monitoring
Scheduled and On-Demand Reads
TOU Retrieval
Demand Resets
Real-Time Meter Event and Alarm Retrieval
Service Diagnostics and Tamper Detection
Automated Meter Registration
Secure, Encrypted Data Transmission
Over-the-Air Module Firmware Upgrade

When forming a Mesh Network there are situations based on the field study where it becomes necessary to use the repeaters to overcome signal loss issues. Repeaters are used when the distance between two end nodes are very high or where there are interferences which are affecting the mesh implementation

Features + Benefits

Helps cover greater distances
Builds robust network and ensure reliability
Secure and scalable

Adya has designed the Load Control modules/HAN modules to cater to  Demand Response and Demand Side management. These modules enable industries and residential consumers to do their own energy efficiency programs

Features + Benefits

Adya’s HAN/Load Control are seamlessly integrated with the Smart Meter and enable the DR programs     to be displayed on to the Home Display Unit
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