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Our objective here is to help the customer chose the right solution and direct to the right path for success. Keep in view of the Utilities and consumers we have given the comparisons of various architectures and communications. It also portrays why an end-to-end solution coming from a single vendor with one thought process matters in this industry.


Does the meter have the ability to support the various functionalities that you have envisioned for the next 10    years?


Is the AMI ensure compliance with the DLMS standards, and enables all the functionalities supported by Meter for next 10 years?


Do AMI and Meter have the ability to adapt various communication channels that may evolve in the coming years?


The success or failure of the project of your Smart-Grid rollout depends on you how you take your FIRST STEP.


Please free to contact us to give you more detailed view and the long and short-term impact on your capital expenses, on you the on your investments and investment protection.

 PLCCellularADYA Hybrid (RF Mesh)
 Reliability of Data Transfer  High Data Loss   Signal issues   99% accuracy of data
 Signal Issues  High Attenuation issues   Data issues   No signal issues
 Deployment Cost  High Modem cost   High deployment  cost   ½ the cost of PLC/Cellular
 Recurring Cost  High Maintenance   Very High   1/50 the cost of  Cellular/PLC
 Data Center Cost  High cost for creating data  centers   High  
 Power Consumption by  Modem   Very High   Very High  1/50 th of PLC /Cellular
 Outage Support  No   Yes   Yes
 Demand Responce  No   Yes   Yes
  Adya Competition
 DCU    - Built on Processorwith DLMS compliance
   - Supports large Number of end-points
   - Linux based allowing high security and stability
   - Handles Multiple Applications
   - Field Replaceable Units(FRU)
   - Support for Multiple Communications
   - Self-healing
   - Assists: DR/DSM, OMS, Audits, CC&B
   - Controller Based DCU
   - Proprietary OS
   - Restricted to approximately      50 endpoints
   - No FRU’s
   - No options
 RTU    - Remote Terminal Unit Mesh
   - Battery back up
   - Supports various communication options
   - Plug and Play
   - Cost effective
   - Interoperability support
  - PLC / Cellular based
 Smart City    - Support building of Smart City infrastructure
   - Common layer of communication over which Water, Gas and      Electricity and citizen services can be deployed
  - No Support
 Adya  Competition
 End-to-end solution  - Adya manufactures Smart    Meters,Communication and MDAS    - No multi-vendor    management
   - Seamless Integration
   - Lesser deployment cost
   - Lesser post deployment   cost
 Smart Energy Meters   -Designed to support various    application for 10 years or more
  -PSUH feature from EM to RTU
  -Configurable intervals for Pushing Data
  -Multiple communication support
  -Water & Gas metering integration
  -8 time zones
  -Net Metering
  -Demand Side Management
  -Support for HAN / HDU
  -Connect – Disconnect
   - Investment Protection & High ROI
   - Saves network congestion
   - Choice of Communication
   - Empowers Consumers
   - Saves Money using multi-tariff
 Smart City   - Adya is in a unique position to give    complete automation solution for

    Gas, Water
    Street Lighting Automation
    Citizen Services
   - Common communication Layer
   - Reduces cost of Infrastructure
 DR, OMS, HAN, HDU, CC&B, Mobile Apps    - Supports various services required by      the utility    -Provied a road map for next 10 years      without changing the Smart Energy      Meters
 Research and Development    - Robust Research and Development      of 80 man years    -Can address any present and future     requirements
   -Incorporate any new communication     needs
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