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With the rising demand-supply gap and with increasing energy costs of energy bills, Smart Metering solutions become more relevant. Adya has customized the solution to address energy problems faced by the industry sector. It enables the customer to cut bills, prioritize the consumption patterns during peak hours and thus in the bigger picture, reduces Green House Emissions.

We provide a dashboard which gives the management a snapshot of

 Live Consumption patterns compared to past data
 Department wise consumption details
 Power Quality
 Maximum Demand
Live Audit

Reduction of Energy Bills

Increasing energy bills is a universal phenomenon. Adya’s complete customizable product list helps the customer to decrease substantially reduce their energy bills.

As a first step first we do an Energy Audit of the premises and then identify the list of critical and non-critical loads with inputs from the customer. Load Controls, Energy Meter, Communication Infrastructure, Head-end-acquisition System combined with the proprietary Demand Response programs are deployed in sub-metering solutions at critical departments or blocks. The whole logic is implemented in the energy meter which, when integrated with the communication system and the Smart Utility Manager-DR, automatic makes an efficient, self-automatic.

Features and benefits

  Cuts energy bills immediately on implementation
  Energy Audit of the premises
  Ease of deployment of the solution

Adya offers Managed Services for this sector using the SUM-Industry solution.

Maximum Demand and maintaining the Power Factor

Adya has a customized solution for Maximum Demand (MD) using the combination of its own products which are seamlessly integrated to form a solution impacting the monthly energy bills for the customer. MD is the major component which impacts the energy bills in the commercial sector.

The energy Bill is formed of following two points:

  Active energy consumption (kWh)
  Maximum Demand

What is Maximum Demand and how do you control it?

Maximum Demand is calculated and billed by a kW demand meter, which records the highest kW value consumed in a 15 minute period, over a monthly billing cycle. The objective of controlling the demand is not to exceed the contracted maximum demand limit agreed between the consumer and the utility. One way to do this is to shed non-critical loads. Possible non-critical loads monitored and managed by our Maximum Demand Control Solutions are:

  Air conditioners (kWh)
  Fans and extractors
  Packaging machinery
  Ice machines
  Packaging machinery

The Demand Control Systems pay for themselves with the Energy Savings over a time period of about 1-2 years. This period can be even shorter by taking advantage of local utility energy efficiency rebate programs.

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